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poniedziałek, 29 maja 2017

New offer and great promotion!!!!

Our company has just extendeed its offers! We now offer home made model bases made out of high quality resin material which are fully filled from the bottom side as well. They are more stable and harder to break than original bases from various worldwide companies. 

We always give our customers great values for money. If you decide to buy our painting services and do not have the required or are simply missing model bases you will get them for free for the models you have ordered to be painted, even if they were to be scenic bases!!!!

If you decide to order our painting services, scenic bases are for free!!!!

Ruined Base

170mm X 105mm Large Oval Ruined Base for Warhammer 40k Imperial Knight - 6,5$ 1 piece

Warhammer 40K 60mm Ruined Base - 2,51 piece

Warhammer 40K 50mm Ruined Base 21 piece

Warhammer 40K 40mm Ruined Base 1,51 piece

Simple base

25mm base 0,51 piece

 32mm base 11 piece

40mm base 1,51 piece

50mm base 1,51 piece

60mm base 2,51 piece

80mm base 2,51 piece

100mm base 2,51 piece

130mm base 41 piece

160mm base 61 piece

70x25mm Base - 11 piece

90x52mm base - 1,51 piece

105x70mm base - 41 piece

120x92mm base - 41 piece

170mm X 105mm base - 41 piece

Order summery:

1. Send us an email with which bases and how many of them you need.
2. We will check the availability of the bases and let you know how much time we need to process your order.
3. You will then be required to make a payment into our paypal account.
4. Once the order is completed we will ship your bases to the given address. 

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