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wtorek, 21 czerwca 2016

Studio Update #2

Next progress of work in MPS
-Errant Knights
-Two pegasus models to Bretonnia and Dark Elves
-Knightly Orders

-Cairn Wrights
-Men at Arms Bretonnia
-Bowman Bretonnia


Painted base colors, in the left made black wash

Pomalowane bazowe kolory, po lewej zrobiony czarny wash

Painted coat color "Liche Purple"

Pomalowane płaszcze kolorem "Liche Purple"

Painted base colors,
Wings and skin painted "Codex Grey"

Pomalowane bazowe kolory 
Skrzydła i skóra pomalowana  "Codex Grey"

Knights painted "Leadbelcher"-black wash and brightening with "Runeflag Steel"

Rycerze pomalowani  "Leadbelcher"-czarny wash i rozjaśnienie z  "Runeflag Steel"

Bowman painted base colors

Pomalowane bazowe kolory 

Men at Arms almost finished

Men at Arms prawie skończeni  

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