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wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

Vargheists Vampire Counts

My next job is Vargheists!! 

Very nice models for painting.
360 view on YouTube

More Photos
About painting read more....


I received questions about skin painting.
I used:
1)Base skin "steel legion drab" imposed with the airbrush
2)brightening "ushabti bone" imposed with the airbrush
3)shade "nuln oil"
4)again brightening "ushabti bone" imposed with the airbrush
5)standoffs of the skin "blanco 71.001 white" (vallejo) imposed with the airbrush
6)light dry brush "steel legion drab"
7)dry brush "ushabti bone"

Claws- White scar, shade "seraphim sepia" and dry brush White scar.

In the base i use two pigments an unknown companies but very good.

If you have any questions please write Regards!!!


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