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Miniature Painting Studio

My name is Grzegorz "Hellsing" Zydor. I am a model painter and I love all manners of fantasy. My adventure with modelling started when my older brother Piotr started buying me airplane models which needed painting and assembly. Being 16 years old I have discovered the game called Warhammer Fantasy Battle and started painting these models and this is what I do up to today. I love painting models and this is the main reason behind the creation of Miniature                                                                                 Painting Studio (MPS).

My name is Michal and I have been intrested in Warhammer 40k for last couple of years. I love model painting of all sorts and this is the main reason why straight after graduating from school I have worked for Den of Imagination, however now the time has come for me to be self-employeed and paint models for you. I like RPG games, fantasy books and strategy battle games. 

Our studio is located in Toruń, Poland.
Passion for painting started in 2010.

We paint models for all wargaming systems.

Being wargamers ourselves, we know how important it is that your models look beautiful. We take much attention painting all models so they look stunning on the battlefield no matter what painting standard you will have chosen.  

We await for your messages and questions at: 

Best regards,
Miniature Painting Studio 

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